Alabama Fan Teabag Video

Many of you have already been unfortunate enough to see the crude video of the Alabama Fan Teabagging the unconscious LSU fan at the Krystal Burger the night of the BCS title Game. If you have not and would like to, the movie, in its entirety is posted below.

The Video depicts Alabama Samaritans mocking an unconscious LSU fan. The Alabama Fans put Fry cartons and even pour water on the LSU Fan. They even question if he is living at one point. He is alive! The most disturbing part of the video comes after minutes of foolishness one Alabama male unzips his fly and hangs his testicles out of his pants. He then proceeds to “teabag” the LSU fan. Teabagging is defined as hanging ones testicles on a victims head while the victim is passed out. This was a little more than a teabag, This was a violent thrust of the genitals on the victims face.

Please be warned that the actions of a few in the video are very offensive.


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